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Innovation-based Management and Digital Transformation

The program trains future leaders of the new digital age, capable of managing the innovative development of a company in various sectors of the economy. The interdisciplinary and practice-oriented approach of the program involves immersion in the actual tasks of innovative business: from generating ideas, developing, evaluating and defending innovative projects and technologies to their practical implementation.

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Program Benefits

Interdisciplinary approach

Interdisciplinary approach includes a comprehensive study of the following areas: innovation-based management, digitalization and artificial intelligence technologies in business, economics and finance, intellectual property legislation, advanced methods of international marketing, psychology of creativity

Systematization of knowledge

Development of practical skills in managing creativity, developing and selecting projects, creating a business model for introducing new products and services to the local, regional and international markets

Highly qualified faculty

Classes conducted by practitioners with high scientific competencies and successful experience in business consulting

Practice-oriented methods

Use of practice-oriented teaching methods (business cases, individual and group projects)

Participation in international conferences and publication of scientific articles

Participation in industry conferences, annual Alumni Forum of GSCM RANEPA, publication of scientific articles in Russian and foreign journals

Professions of Program Graduates

Director of an Innovative Company
Director of Digital Transformation
Director of Business Development
Head of Innovation and Investment projects
Technological Innovator
Startup Manager
Family Business Manager
Business Consultant
Graduates of the program are able to successfully solve a wide range of innovative business problems in the context of digitalization - from generating and evaluating ideas to their actual implementation, legal protection and commercialization

Acquired competencies

System management of a company innovative development

Enterprise digital transformation management

Optimization of business processes for managing innovative projects and programs

Assessment of the competitive environment and development of a marketing strategy

Development and launch of a new product to the market

Ability to manage intellectual resources of a company

Creative process organization skills

Evaluation of the effectiveness of projects and the cost of innovative business

Master's Program Administration

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Olga Chasharina
Master's Program Director, Ph.D.
Dmitriy Sirtzov
Academic director of the program, PhD, associate professor

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