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Business Digitalization and E-Commerce

Training highly qualified specialists in digital business transformation, e-commerce, Internet marketing and Web design, able to analyze big data, as well as create and maintain information systems that support e-commerce

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Program key features

The uniqueness of the program

Integration of acquired competencies on digital tools with commercial activities:
- creation and use of databases and information resources;
- business activities for the sale of goods and the provision of services, carried out by means of digital technologies;
analytical and marketing activities related to Internet trading and Internet marketing tools;
- trade and technological, organizational and managerial, research, design, logistics activities digital business and E-commerce.

Demand for graduates

Graduates are in demand in economic sectors where there is a possibility of digital transformation of e-commerce: online stores and trade, production and sales organizations, foreign trade organizations, marketplaces, digital agencies, marketing agencies, etc.

Current set of disciplines

"Digital platforms", "Technologies of digital transformation of the organization", "Digital finance of the organization", "Supply chain management 4.0", "Technologies of digital purchases", "Digital security", "Electronic commerce / E-Commerce", "Digital marketing", "Digital design", "Digital communications in trade", "Digital forms and sales methods"; "Internet advertising", "Data analysis technologies", "Digitalization of transport business", etc.

Practice orientation

Modern forms of education:
- application of Blended Learning technology;
- Pilot Business Incubator at the European Center (HUB) for Digital Economy and Logistics Systems;
- field seminars to study the "best foreign practices";
- business games, master classes, case studies, trainings, hackathons;
- practitioners from among middle and top managers of specialized organizations

Professions of Program Graduates

Specialist in the Implementation of Information Systems in Electronic Commerce
Sales Planning and Forecasting Manager
Internet Marketing Specialist
Information Resource Manager
Internet Sales Manager
Demand Planner
Marketing Analyst
Business analyst
Content manager
E-commerce market requires more qualified personnel every day
Alexander Revutsky
Lecturer in undergraduate programs

Acquired competencies

Application of digital technologies and technologies for managing the digital transformation of an organization

Ability to apply modern methods of consumer behavior analysis

Knowledge of risk management and change management tools in e-commerce

WEB design and SEO

Flexible project management in e-commerce

Knowledge of database-driven digital marketing

Creation and use of databases and information resources

Setting up end-to-end analytics and building a sales funnel

Ability to negotiate with internal and external clients

Skills in modeling and analyzing business processes based on modern digital technologies

Program Administration

Our specialists will advise you on admissions: they will help you decide on the specialization of study and will tell you about the requirements for submitting documents to the admissions committee.
Svetlana Khmelnitskaya
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs of GSCM RANEPA, Associate Professor of the Department of International Commerce, Academic Director of the Master's Programs "Management of Logistics Systems and Processes" and "Supply Chain Management & Global Logistics University of London"
Maria Shulaeva
Deputy Director of Undergraduate Programs for Academic Work, Executive Secretary of the GSCM RANEPA Admissions Subcommittee
Artem Shaposhnikov
PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer at the Department of International Commerce at GSCM RANEPA, Academic Supervisor of the Bachelor's Program "Digitalization of Business and Electronic Commerce", General Director of SNEGIR SOFT LLC (a subsidiary of Rosneft), financier, marketer, CRM expert
Elena Zavorina
PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Company Management of GSCM RANEPA
Sofiko Demuria
Leading Specialist of the Undergraduate Directorate of GSCM RANEPA
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