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Since 2007, GSCM has been releasing its annual Almanac, a journal established by the Student and Alumni Association of GSCM RANEPA. Almanac release became possible owing to the expertise, knowledge and skills acquired over 20 years of successful work. GSCM gained a solid reputation and recognition in the business circles of Russia and CIS member states. Over 15,000 people completed a variety of educational programs offered by the School, of which 75% are senior executives and chief specialists of companies.

The main concept of the Almanac is creating a single platform that would unite the School, the Academy and its alumni to address challenges related to the economy, to the implementation of national projects and development of socially responsible businesses.

The Almanac contains a lot of articles written by our students and dedicated to economic science and management practice. Traditionally, the Almanac informs about GSCM’s key for the year, and students share their impressions about studies, internships or just talk about their hobbies.

Our readers are all those who are thirsty for knowledge and strive to achieve their full professional potential and business competitiveness:

  • students and alumni of MBA, Executive MBA, DBA, etc.
  • faculty and administrative staff of our School
  • our business partners - managers and entrepreneurs cooperating with the Association of European Managers and GSCM
  • applicants - our future students
  • In other words, everyone who is thirsty for knowledge and strives to achieve full personal and professional potential and business competitiveness.

Our journal is intended to help our students and alumni address the many challenges they encounter in a rapidly changing business environment. Selecting the best authors (market economy experts, GSCM RANEPA’s leading faculty members, CEOs and employees of Russian and CIS enterprises) and the most relevant topics suggested by readers themselves, we turn the School’s Almanac into a practical and popular journal.

Since 2010, by analogy with IESE, Europe’s leading business school, the Almanac has been offering to place advertisements.

The Almanac is a full-color, 90-page journal with a circulation of 1000 copies. Part of the circulation is mailed to the CEOs of large and medium-sized businesses and distributed at the key events hosted by the Academy. The journal is available in the largest libraries of the country. Scientific articles are included in the reference lists for theses.

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