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Professional Development Programs (face-to-face format)

Continuing professional development means professional growth and development of your own businesses. Only regular onward movement professionally can turn an ordinary company into leader in a particular industry, and give its employees a competitive advantage for further career growth.


Program benefits

Work in small groups of 10 people max

It encourages close contact between all learning process participants, the exchange of knowledge and sharing best practices, the possibility of discussing all issues of interest to the students as to the specifics of their activities

Courses taught by practicing consultants

who implemented a lot of projects in the companies of different sectors and sizes and hold MBA, DBA, PhD, MA degrees of Russian and international educational institutions

Short-term program

Just in 4-5 days of classroom studies you will receive the most recent and relevant information on how to develop your business or career path, together with a lot of additional literature and references for independent learning

A nationally recognized certificate

Nationally recognized certificate – Professional Development Certificate issued by RANEPA

Membership in the largest Student and Alumni Association

enabling you to broaden your contacts throughout the country and abroad owing to active joint efforts of Association members

Relevance of knowledge

In the classroom you will discuss the most recent approaches to doing business using the examples of the leading Russian and foreign companies, and options for adapting these approaches to our students’ specific businesses

Practice-oriented approach to learning

Modern formats of individual and group work, study of cases presented by our students, designing models for their own businesses, workshops, coaching and moderation contribute to better elaboration and consolidation of the material received

Our faculty is a team of highly-skilled professionals.

They are masters of the most advanced and effective management, marketing and financial tools and understand the business architecture. This is a major driver of competitiveness promotion in any company.

GSCM RANEPA’s faculty have extensive consulting experience in the above fields, which enables them to teach courses and share their state-of-the-art knowledge with the students.
Svetlana Sokolova
HR Manager at LLC Smile, Moscow
Continuing Professional Development
Effective HR Management Techniques
I would like to note the interesting format of Effective HR Management Techniques program – working in small groups under the supervision of experienced practitioners. Lectures alternate with applied examples from Russian and foreign corporate practice. Relevant business cases. I was surprised by the audience make-up. My class didn’t include just colleagues from HR, but also a branch director of a Germany company who was from HR and was skeptical at first. By the end of the course, he also engaged in the process and fully participated in group discussions. In terms of organization, everything was very well-structured, the teachers were not cancelling classes, and I really liked the coffee breaks and sweet treats. I would recommend this program to both HR managers and heads of other departments, as well as to the owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Among the faculty, I liked Natalia Krasnova (huge background in Russian and foreign corporate practices, plus a structured and –to-understand delivery of material) and Yana Bobrova (bright and charismatic lecturer with amazing energy) a lot. I also express my gratitude to Svetlana Babarina, Director of Professional Development Programs for this unique program and her individual approach to each client (student).
Svetlana Volobueva
Head of Analytics Department at LLC Your Business Expert
Continuing Professional Development
Business Planning and Organization Design
I really liked the Business Planning and Organizational Design program. The material was delivered unconventionally. Lectures always alternated with practical exercises, games and entertainment. Program organizers even offered some bonuses that were not announced within the program, such as a tour of the Academy, a workshop on communications by a Business Theatre coach, an interview for the media, and defense of projects. A very professional faculty pulled me out of my usual routine in a short span of time and allowed me to look at all business processes of my company from a different perspective.
This program would be interesting and useful to everyone, from senior executives to first-line managers. Despite the different levels of training and different career paths of the students, it was easy and interesting to study, since the learning process was arranged in such a way that we all could work together as a team. I would like to thank the organizers for the homely atmosphere and the professional expertise!
Irina Vishnevetskaya
Adviser to Director General for Organization Development at JSC RT-Khimcomposite, Rostec Corporation
Continuing Professional Development
Strategic Human Resource Management
Thanks a lot for organizing a professional development training on Strategic Human Resource Management. It lived up to all my expectations! A special thanks for the well-thought-out program! A large volume of necessary and useful information was very accurately and logically distributed in such a short time and covered all the main components of the human resource management system, including HRM strategy models, modern toolkit for creating an HRM system, new trends and tendencies, the place and role of the HRM system within a company, etc. This made it possible to systematize my existing knowledge and learn new things, expand the horizons of HRM understanding to cover the present-day matters and the international best practices, study cases and develop an action plan. To put it in a nutshell, I happened to significantly uplevel professionally in a short span of time.

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