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Professional Retraining

RANEPA’s professional retraining courses are a chance to acquire extra competencies in the field of management and logistics. They will be useful for both young ambitious employees and corporate executives. Course programs aren’t linked to second higher education. We offer additional knowledge and practical skills at a new educational level and assume that students have basic knowledge and work experience in the study area. The studies will result in a Professional Retraining Diploma and a standard Certificate of the Academy.


Program Benefits

Only special-purposes subjects

Depending on the course of their choice, students improve their skills in the area they are interested in or have already started their career. Author-developed study guides and faculty with practical experience and in-depth theoretical knowledge will help develop competencies and acquire the skills necessary to advance in the chosen domain.

Practice orientation

Professional retraining involves case studies to further the students’ practical management experience. Program concepts are designed in collaboration with business leaders and area experts. Classes are conducted by experienced lecturers and invited practitioners.

Time-tested knowledge

The programs harmoniously combine solutions to relevant business management problems, RANEPA's 35-year experience in teaching, and advanced European methods of business education.

Convenient mode of learning

The programs offer various combinations of classes (modular, evening, weekend studies) so that each student could choose the mode of learning that best suits him.

Professional retraining ensures

  • Expansion of knowledge in the specific field
  • Prospects for professional growth
  • Competitiveness
  • Personal development
  • Training of key executives
Professional retraining programs are a worthy alternative to second higher education
Viktor Chekalin
Expert, Professional Development Programs

Presidential Program of RANEPA’s Moscow Campus

GSCM is implementing the Presidential Program offered by RANEPA’s Moscow campus. Professional development programs were developed by the Academy’s faculty based on many years’ experience in running the Presidential Program for Training Senior Executives for the National Economy

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Deputy Dean for Marketing and Sales at GSCM RANEPA. Certified Coach on Process Communication Model, Certified Coach on ICU, Ph.D. in Economics (Candidate of Economic Sciences)
Vsevolod Pertsov
Head of Sales Department at GSCM RANEPA, Ph.D. in Economics (Candidate of Economic Sciences)
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