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International Commerce

Training of highly qualified specialists able to organize commercial activities and business in local and global markets in the context of accelerated growth and the development of digital technologies

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Professions of Program Graduates

Foreign Trade Manager
Export-Import Manager
Sales Manager for Domestic and Foreign Markets
Marketing Analyst
Brand Manager
Project Manager
The program provides unique and up-to-date knowledge about the economic structure of domestic and foreign trade
Vladimir Salamatov
Head of the Department “International Commerce”

Acquired competencies

Acquiring skills in business operations and business negotiations with foreign partners

Mastering the tools of marketing communications and sales

Gaining knowledge in online sales management

Acquiring competencies in commodity science and standardization

Mastering the skills of professional English in the field of business, commerce and international trade

Program Administration

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Svetlana Khmelnitskaya
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs of GSCM RANEPA, Associate Professor of the Department of International Commerce, Academic Director of the Master's Programs "Management of Logistics Systems and Processes" and "Supply Chain Management & Global Logistics University of London"
Maria Shulaeva
Deputy Director of Undergraduate Programs for Academic Work, Executive Secretary of the GSCM RANEPA Admissions Subcommittee
Artem Shaposhnikov
PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer at the Department of International Commerce at GSCM RANEPA, Academic Supervisor of the Bachelor's Program "Digitalization of Business and Electronic Commerce", General Director of SNEGIR SOFT LLC (a subsidiary of Rosneft), financier, marketer, CRM expert
Elena Zavorina
PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Company Management of GSCM RANEPA
Sofiko Demuria
Leading Specialist of the Undergraduate Directorate of GSCM RANEPA
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