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Managerial Skills of an Executive

Training on the program will give answers to the following questions: How to provide and maintain your own motivation? What is managerial effectiveness? What are the benefits of moderation as a group communication technique?

Program goal
Development of effective interpersonal communication skills, creating engagement and responsibility mechanisms, teaching the management of conflicts and collective interactions.


Soft competencies as meta-skills of an executive

  • Meta-skill definition. Meta-skills of an executive
  • Hard, soft skills and their combination
  • Development of soft skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity
  • Emotional intelligence and ways to improve it

Communications in management practice

  • Basic communication models
  • Body language
  • Communication techniques
  • Conflicts and cooperation

Motivation myths and practice

  • Principles of effective remuneration system and employee motivation
  • Incentive program complexity
  • Employee engagement and how to measure it
  • Personnel development

Motivation and employee development

  • Fundamentals of motivation theory
  • What are the ways to motivate the employees?
  • Methodology for solving motivation problems
  • Employee development

Manager as a Moderator

  • New role of a manager
  • Moderation rules
  • Visualization and its toolkit
  • Managing discussions

Soft skills and moderation

  • Management skill elements
  • Forms of negotiation
  • Meeting with the employees (advisory meeting), its goal and objectives

Managerial efficiency

  • Ideal manager
  • Self-management
  • Operations management
  • Employee management
  • Communications management

Success Potential and Self-Management

  • Personality analysis: biostructural analysis, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), LIFO, Reiss motivation profile
  • Success through positive thinking
  • Time and goals


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Irina Neverova
Director of Distance-Learning Department at GSCM RANEPA, Senior Lecturer of Corporate Governance Chair
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