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Economics and Company Management Basic Education Program (type B – basic)

The program is aimed at training the executives of today who are capable of managing the company’s strategic development process, add to company marketability and increase profits in the dynamically changing business environment


Competencies upon program completion

Hard skills: knowledge and professional skills allowing our alumni to find effective management solutions in the field of innovation and project management
Digital skills: relevant skills allowing to work with digital devices and communication technologies required for effective project management under the conditions of today
Soft skills: people management and other above-professional skills allowing our alumni to ensure effective interaction between all business process participants and improvement of performance in project management.
Our students improve their personal skills and develop their social interaction (communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence) and managerial skills (leadership, problem-solving, systematic and critical thinking).
Advantage of the program is a mix of theoretical and practical teaching methods

Extra benefits

Participation in the events hosted by GSCM’s Student and Alumni Association

Workshops and seminars delivered by the heads of Russian and international companies and GSCM’s alumni

Visits to the companies managed by GSCM’s students and alumni in Russia and EAEU member states

Joint international modules with MBA, EMBA and DBA students

Bonuses if enrolling in MBA, EMBA and DBA

Possibility to pass competitive selection process run by Federal State-Funded Institution Federal Resource Centre for Organizing Training of Senior Executives ( and complete internships at Russian or overseas field-specific enterprises (Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, France, Japan)


Professional core (Major)
Economics for Managers
General Management
Strategic Management
Comparative Management
Financial Management
HR Management
Operations Management
Fundamentals of Corporate and Entrepreneur Economics
Accounting for Managers
Investment and Innovation Management
Develop a Business Plan Business Game
Corporate Development Strategy Business Game
Business Valuation
Managerial Decision-Making
Effective Management
Project Management
Management Accounting
Negotiation Skills (elective)
RF Tax System (elective)
Business Legislation Fundamentals (elective)
End-to-End Technologies
Digital Transformation of Business
Management by Delegation of Authority
Russian internship
Best Management Practices
Getting ready for an internship abroad
Cross-Cultural Management
Working on the graduation project
Tutorial workshop on preparing a graduation project
Academic supervision over each student’s graduation project


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Yuliya Bukhnina
Head of Presidential Program Department
Maria Shulaeva
Deputy Head of Presidential Program Department
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