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GSCM DBA graduate Evgenia Ludupova will become the Minister of Health of Buryatia

20 January 2020
Evgenia Ludupova, a graduate of the DBA program at GSCM RANEPA, will soon be appointed to the post of Minister of Health of Buryatia
E.Yu. Ludupova graduated from GSCM in 2017 and defended her doctoral thesis on the topic: “Comprehensive quality management system in health care on the example of a multidisciplinary clinic” under the supervision of Academician A.G. Aganbegyan..
Since 2007 E.Yu. Ludupova headed the Republican Clinical Hospital named after N. A. Semashko, and before that, for several years she worked as the head physician of the Nizhneangarsk Central District Hospital of the Severo-Baikal District. She is a member of the People`s Khural of Buryatia. In addition to medical one, she has an education in the specialty "Economics and management of the national economy."
GSCM RANEPA staff wholeheartedly congratulates Evgenia Ludupova and wishes her to achieve outstanding results in her new responsible position for the benefit of our country!

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