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The career takeoff of students and graduates of GSCM RANEPA begins already during the study

28 January 2021

One of the key priorities of GSCM RANEPA is to maintain communication with students not only during training, but also after its completion. The success of our graduates is very important to us, we are proud of their professional achievements, which become possible thanks to new practical knowledge gained at the business school
Today we are talking with Tatyana Efremova, Director of Human Resources at JSC Shipping Company "Volga Shipping Company", a graduate of the MBA program "Euromanagement - Master of Business Administration" in 2020.     
T. Efremova has many years of experience in personnel management in such companies as "AltaiBusinessManagement", "RUSAGRO" and the chemical corporation "Togliattiazot".
Tatyana, how did you initially feel the need for additional professional education?
The main reasons why I decided to enroll for the MBA program was the desire to systematize and expand my knowledge, make new professional connections in the business environment, and, of course, I wanted to ensure career growth in my specialty. 
Why did you choose to study under the MBA program at the Graduate School of Corporate Management of the Presidential Academy? 
The GSCM business school was recommended to me by several good friends, whose opinion I listen to. At that time, some of them either recently graduated or were still studying. They spoke very highly of both the faculty and the programs. Indeed, my expectations were met! 
What is the most valuable thing you gained while studying?
Entering the program, I thought that the main point was new knowledge. But later on, I realized what was more important - networking, that is, business contacts and connections that you acquire at a business school. This is a very big profit!
Did you manage to solve the tasks and achieve the goals that you set for yourself?
Achievements began during my studies - I moved to work in a new industry, to a high position in one of the divisions of the largest industrial holding in the country - JSC Shipping Company Volga Shipping Company. Currently I am implementing a number of large-scale HR projects: 
  • merger of two major Russian shipping companies
  • implementation of the target operating model of the company 
  • HR business process automation
  • implementation of automated products SAP HCM, SAP Success Factors and others 
I`m not going to stop there - I already have plans to develop further and reach new heights.

Tatyana, we sincerely wish you health, new professional success and outstanding achievements!
We look forward to seeing you at our next educational stages!  

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